I’m pretty handy for a writer.

Hey, Little Pixies!

I’m a bit under the weather today and very tired because– get this–

Colin has convinced me to start running again! It’s so difficult, but so rewarding. It takes a really tough girl to run, which is what inspired this look! Tough, but chic– that’s what makes a lady a lady!

I'm pretty handy for a writer.
~ Pixie

Style Inspiration: Back to School Cats.

Back to School Cats.
Since college started about a month ago it seems I’m a little late for a “back to school O.I. However, I say boo to norms. High school students just went back not two (or three?) weeks ago. It’s always a “back to something” week for somebody, even if it doesn’t include school. I digress.
This back-to-whatever outfit idea was built on the basis of cats after I located these beautiful Charlotte Olympia Kitty Flats in the color “suede” from Harrods. Of course, not everyone can afford a $735 pair of flats, even if they are mind-crushingly adorable. Luckily, Pacsun has a great knockoff pair for only $30. They’re also available on 2B for even less than that, although they’re only available in black and leopard print. Since when has that ever been a bad thing, though?