Darling Quinn

Me and the DBF (Darling Boyfriend) have been so very excited for the new Suicide Squad film. Not only does the dark urban aesthetic make us feel dangerous when we watch the trailers (in our onesies, no less), but having a new cast take on familiar roles such as the Joker is simultaneously exciting and nerve-wracking.
One thing I wasn’t expecting upon seeing the first trailer was that I’ve found myself entirely in love with Margot Robbie’s interpretation of Harley Quinn. Not only is her ‘tude totally on point, but her look has a really wonderful fusion of rockabilly, baby-girl, pastel, and punk! I’m so obsessed with the different shades of red and blue that have gone into her ensemble–so obsessed, in fact, that I created a look based on her outfits in the trailers. This is my interpretation of a Harley look. I hope you like it!
Darling Quinn


Not only is her look entirely fresh, but because Margot is going to be the first live-action Harley, her look may very well be Harley’s new signature aesthetic! Personally, if that’s how this rolls I’ll have no complaints. But how about you, beautiful readers? Is Margot what you expected Harley to look like in the flesh?
  1. Shirt
  2. Jacket
  3. Shorts
  4. Boots
  5. Earrings
  6. Choker
  7. Lipstick
  8. Hair Dye
  9. Knife

I’m pretty handy for a writer.

Hey, Little Pixies!

I’m a bit under the weather today and very tired because– get this–

Colin has convinced me to start running again! It’s so difficult, but so rewarding. It takes a really tough girl to run, which is what inspired this look! Tough, but chic– that’s what makes a lady a lady!

I'm pretty handy for a writer.
~ Pixie

Woman Crush Wednesday: Mary Margaret Blanchard

Hey Little Pixies!

I’ve been spending a lot of my time these past few days watching Once Upon a Time. I know, I know, I’m really behind on starting this show, but I’m a huge fairytale nerd and I was super worried that the show would tackle them all wrong, so I’ve been putting it off. Well, I finally bit the bullet and watched the first episode, and I love it! Consider me a fan!

Another thing I’m a fan of? Mary Margaret Blanchard’s style! I have had a huge crush on Ginnifer Goodwin since I saw He’s Just Not That Into You a while back, and she pulls off the modern Snow White vibe so well. Take a look!1x05-snow-white-mary-margaret-blanchard-26693816-700-1053Cast-Promotional-Photo-Ginnifer-Goodwin-as-Snow-White-Sister-Mary-Margaret-Blanchard-once-upon-a-time-25200020-446-595

I put together a MMB-inspired outfit for you all to enjoy– I think it captured the innocent and good-natured character pretty well! Let me know what you think, Little Pixies.

Mary Margaret Blanchard's Closet
~ Pixie

Play me your favorite love song.

Today has been really bleh thanks to medication withdrawal symptoms. Kids, if you’re on zoloft, don’t skimp on doses! Out of the 10+ possible symptoms, I have– well, all of them. I’m not going to bore you (or gross you out, really) with the details, but it’s safe to say that tomorrow is looking really hopeful. I really think things are going to look up.

My roommate and I did go out to get her some pet mice, and then afterwards we went out with some friends to Applebees and had a blast! Luckily, despite everything going wonky with my mental health, things did turn around– even though I’m super exhausted now!

I based this outfit on this super adorable dress I came across on my Pinterest feed. I was going for a sort of classy horror vibe, something Taming of the Shrew– era ghostly schoolgirl-like. What do you guys think?

Play me your favorite love song.
Thanks for hanging around, Little Pixies! I’ll talk to you guys tomorrow. I hope your Tuesday was filled with positive vibes and yummy food!
~ Pixie

Let me introduce you to Shein.com!

Hello, Little Pixies!

Today I would like to show you a website that I’ve known about for a while called Shein, formerly known as Sheinside! They are a wholesale website specializing in really adorable fashions that fit just about every style, whether you like to look classy, grungey, fairy kei, or anything in between! Best of all, their prices are simply stunning and affordable, which is something I always look for in a clothing store!

Their website is well constructed and features reviews and photos from other consumers for many of the items, making me much more comfortable shopping there than other Asian wholesalers.

I put together an outfit from only a fraction of the cute things I’ve found on Shein, as well as a collage of a few more items I really liked! I hope you enjoy and decide to visit the website and take a look for yourself.

Shein.com Outfit
Click for links to the items!
Shein Cute things

Shein Cute things by pixiesandglitter featuring long sleeve dresses









I hope that you like what I’ve put together, Little Pixies! Check out the website and let me know what other treasures you find!


~ Pixie

Dream Outfit: Ani-may I cuddle with you?

Ani-may I cuddle with you?
Even though it’s summer now I still like to take advantage of the cooler Michigan days that have been sprouting up in order to wear a sweater and be, as my momma calls it, “weather-confused.” This look was inspired entirely by my lack of ability to dress my age and my love for candy colors. I hope you’re all having a good rainy Thursday!

Miu Miu crop top
$760 – net-a-porter.com

Xirena button up shirt

MANGO distressed jeans
$54 – houseoffraser.co.uk

Oasis grey socks
$4.61 – oasis-stores.com

Jeffrey Campbell white shoes
$125 – yoox.com

Topshop hair accessory
$9.22 – topshop.com

Style Inspiration: Bad Day In

Bad Day In.
Since this week started off pretty poorly for me, I decided to create a pick-me-up outfit for those days a girl plans on just bumming around and nursing her mood. A comfy jammy outfit with some cute underwear is always a mood-booster, as is curling up in a cozy blanket and reading poetry by Sappho and Emily Bronte’s Wuthering Heights while drinking a Starbuck’s Green Tea Latte (by far the yummiest thing on the menu). Click on “continue reading” for a list of the items in this set.