Life is kind of annoying sometimes.

Hey there, Little Pixies ~

As you may or may not have noticed, content on this blog hasn’t been coming as frequently as it usually does this past week or so. I’m really sorry for that, and I want to be perfectly honest with you guys since you take time out of your day to visit this blog, which I appreciate so, so much. I’ve been putting this post off for a while now since I hate to disappoint you guys, especially given my flakey history with this blog. However, I think that getting this out into the open will clear the air a bit and really help me as far as keeping up with Pixies and Glitter. Tldr; this is scary to write, but I think it will lead to a more frequently updated blog with much higher quality content.

I have diagnosed depression and anxiety disorder which I have been taking medication for since about this time last year, and lately due to financial troubles as well as being busy getting ready to move to a new apartment this coming week I haven’t been able to get a refill on my medication for about a month. I’ve been trying so hard to stay positive and to keep up with this blog since I really do love taking time to make updates for you guys to enjoy, but current mental health just isn’t allowing me to do some things right now, even though I really do want to come through for you all.

So, here’s the deal: just for right now I have to put some of my ongoing projects like 365 Days of Bento on hold for a while, since I can’t honor the commitment of cranking out blog posts on a schedule at this time. That would be the bad news.

The good news, however, is that despite putting 365 on hold I have a few ideas for future blog posts that are standalone and therefore seem far less daunting to me right now. Right now I feel as though putting project commitments on hold will help dissolve a bit of my anxiety and allow me to make cooler posts, including ones like this where I get real with you guys. I’m looking forward to the direction that I hope this blog will go, and I really hope you are all there with me.

Thanks for being here for me, Pixie Family. I really appreciate all of the kind comments and encouraging words you leave on my posts, it really makes running this blog worth it.

Take care of yourselves! I should have something up in the next couple of days for you to enjoy.


~ Pixie