Play me your favorite love song.

Today has been really bleh thanks to medication withdrawal symptoms. Kids, if you’re on zoloft, don’t skimp on doses! Out of the 10+ possible symptoms, I have– well, all of them. I’m not going to bore you (or gross you out, really) with the details, but it’s safe to say that tomorrow is looking really hopeful. I really think things are going to look up.

My roommate and I did go out to get her some pet mice, and then afterwards we went out with some friends to Applebees and had a blast! Luckily, despite everything going wonky with my mental health, things did turn around– even though I’m super exhausted now!

I based this outfit on this super adorable dress I came across on my Pinterest feed. I was going for a sort of classy horror vibe, something Taming of the Shrew– era ghostly schoolgirl-like. What do you guys think?

Play me your favorite love song.
Thanks for hanging around, Little Pixies! I’ll talk to you guys tomorrow. I hope your Tuesday was filled with positive vibes and yummy food!
~ Pixie