Goodwill Spoils!

Little Pixies!

Today I was planning on kicking back and starting up Knights of Sidonia, but my roommate had other plans! She was bored sitting around at home, so I agreed to go with her to Goodwill and perhaps pick up a few pairs of shorts since my weightloss has been kicking into high gear lately (good for my waist, bad for my pockets!).

When we got there I immediately found an armful of clothing and made my way to the changing rooms, but none of it really impressed me so I wandered out onto the sales floor once more in order to find Courtney. I located her near the porcelain dolls, and as anyone who knows me could tell you, I couldn’t leave without at least one.

I left with two.

The first one I found immediately caught my eye because she looks fairly old, like something my mom would have had as a child (sorry, momma, but you’re up there!). She doesn’t have real rooted hair. Instead, her hair is painted on.


She reminds me a lot of Nanako from Oniisama e, my current favorite anime. I really don’t know why, but I’m thinking it’s the face or the hair.


I also love her cute little bloomers and feet, even if her dress is pretty plain.


I’m thinking of sewing something special for her, probably something really Nanako-like.

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The next doll I got because her face was so charming!


Her cheeks are puffy and cute, and her dress is hands down the best outfit any of my dolls have. I just adore her apron!


After finding the porcelain dolls I saw a couple of items in the decorative aisle. The first thing that caught my eye was this little unicorn. It was only about 50 cents, so I nabbed it!


The second thing was this sake set.


Lastly I always take a look at the tub that holds all of the Barbies in case I run across some treasures, and this time I did!


It’s a Gargoyle boy from the older Create-a-Monster kit from Monster High! He was missing his wings, but he had all of his hands and legs, which is amazing! He also came in his original outfit minus the shoes and wig. I think he’s pretty handsome, even though I want to get him changed and make him a beanie for his head. Right now he’s borrowing Neighthan’s hat which doesn’t actually fit too flattering.

I need to think of a name for him because I’m a dweeb like that. I think I’m going to get him a wig when I have some extra money! My research tells me that pukifee wigs fit Monster High dolls decently. We’ll see!

So that was my little haul. Thanks for reading!


~ Pixie


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