Amara Organics Review: Hit or Miss?

I received Amara Organic’s Retinol Cream 2.5% for free to review honestly. I’ve been using it every day for about a week’s time, and I can already see a slight improvement in the lines in my forehead from wrinkling my face in confusion (since I’m a worrier and that’s what I do!) and I know that if I continue use the lines will drastically improve!

The cream is in a cute little bottle that is convenient for travel and easy to pump. I didn’t have to wrestle with it in order to make it pump out product during the first use, which I love since I have a habit of unscrewing pump tops and just pouring product into my hand when I can’t figure out how to open the product (which really happens waaaaay too frequently…).

The cream itself is smooth and blends easily into my skin with no filmy residue or greasiness. I can hardly feel it’s there! I put it on in the morning after I wash, moisturize, and tone my face and right before I put on my makeup primer. It has no effect on my makeup application. There’s no discernible smell either, which is a plus!

All in all I’m very satisfied with the product. Despite receiving it for free these opinions are 100% honest and my own!


You can buy the product for yourself here!

Photo on 7-8-15 at 3.03 PMPhoto on 7-8-15 at 3.03 PM #2Photo on 7-8-15 at 3.04 PMPhoto on 7-8-15 at 3.04 PM #2Photo on 7-8-15 at 3.04 PM #3


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