TIGI Bed Head’s Colour Combat Dumb Blonde Leave-In Conditioner Review.

Hello, Pixie Family!

This weekend had me so busy that I got nary a second to take a breath, let alone write a new post for all my awesome readers. However, a quick shopping trip with my sister to Ulta gave me something- well, a few somethings- to write about for this week. I’m going to review three new hair products I got, along with a hair tool and a few makeup bits. I’ll also be doing some book reviews coming soon thanks to my sister’s amazing husband who lent me a library of things to read. Those will take a bit more time, unfortunately.

To kick off this week’s reviews, I’m starting with one of my favorite products that I picked up: TIGI Bed Head’s Colour Combat Dumb Blonde Leave-In Conditioner. Read on to find out what I thought about it after the first few uses.


It comes in a pretty standard pump bottle with a super edgy logo on the front. The cost was marked down from $16.95 to $7.50, which I thought was a steal. I had heard really good things about this brand, especially their Dumb Blonde line, and being a bottle blonde myself I’m always looking for new products to keep my hair in the best possible state it can be in. For me, this product did not disappoint.


When I first tried out this product, the thing that stood out to me initially was the thick consistency. It’s texture and white color reminded me of a thick lotion. This was unexpected because on the bottle it states specifically that this is a “lightweight conditioner.” However, after rubbing the lotion in my hands and distributing it throughout my hair it didn’t seem to be heavy at all, and to my pleasure I found it wasn’t sticky like a lot of leave-ins. A little goes a long way with this product, and I advise you only use it on the length of your hair about an inch from the scalp.

The smell isn’t unbearable by any means, but if you’re looking for a product to make your hair smell nice this probably isn’t it. It has a slight banana smell to it, and it also has that weird smell that unscented lotions have. It’s not “bad,” but it’s also not commendable.

How To Use:

I applied a quarter-sized amount to my damp hair after a shower (use more or less depending on your hair length and thickness) and combed it through with a wide tooth comb.


As my hair dried naturally, I definitely noticed a slight improvement in the softness. Usually, my mane has a tendency to frizz at the ends and become rough by nighttime. However, with this product my hair stayed much smoother and softer throughout the day. I also noticed less tangling and breakage throughout the day than I normally would. As a bonus, my hair looked a little brighter and the split ends that bother me so much seemed to be far less prominent.


My hair got greasier a lot quicker than it normally would. Usually I can go three or four days without washing, but with this product I had to wash my hair after a day and a half. I think I probably used too much and applied it too close to the scalp though, so I’m going to experiment more with the amount I need.


If you’re like me and have problems with tangles, split ends, roughness, and general displeasure with your hair after going from a dark color to blonde, TIGI Bed Head Colour Combat Dumb Blonde Leave-In Conditioner is a great leave-in that will make a slight improvement in the condition of your hair. While I can’t say I would pay full price for this leave-in, if you find it on clearance I would recommend you swipe it up.

Thanks for reading this review! I’ll be back with more reviews and a few updates later this week. Have a great Monday night, readers!

– Pixie


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