Style Inspiration: Bad Day In

Bad Day In.
Since this week started off pretty poorly for me, I decided to create a pick-me-up outfit for those days a girl plans on just bumming around and nursing her mood. A comfy jammy outfit with some cute underwear is always a mood-booster, as is curling up in a cozy blanket and reading poetry by Sappho and Emily Bronte’s Wuthering Heights while drinking¬†a Starbuck’s Green Tea Latte (by far the yummiest thing on the menu). Click on “continue reading” for a list of the items in this set.

TIGI Bed Head’s Colour Combat Dumb Blonde Leave-In Conditioner Review.

Hello, Pixie Family!

This weekend had me so busy that I got nary a second to take a breath, let alone write a new post for all my awesome readers. However, a quick shopping trip with my sister to Ulta gave me something- well, a few somethings- to write about for this week. I’m going to review three new hair products I got, along with a hair tool and a few makeup bits. I’ll also be doing some book reviews coming soon thanks to my sister’s amazing husband who lent me a library of things to read. Those will take a bit more time, unfortunately.

To kick off this week’s reviews, I’m starting with one of my favorite products that I picked up:¬†TIGI Bed Head’s Colour Combat Dumb Blonde Leave-In Conditioner. Read on to find out what I thought about it after the first few uses.

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