Style Inspiration: Beary Comfy

Beary Comfy
Now that fall is coming (here!), the season is at that weird transition phase where it’s difficult to balance the warmer and cooler days and still look fantastic. Luckily, this jacket from Forever 21 is warm enough for the chilly days, but light enough to allow for some ventilation during the sunnier days of September. The difference in textures and patterns also keeps the outfit fresh, and the bear hat is simply adorable. Pair off your casual look with minimal makeup and baby-soft lips, and you have an awesome outfit for both class and after class when all you want to do is bum around and watch Star Trek reruns. Click on “continue reading” for a list of the items in this set.
– Pixie

Style Inspiration: Back to School Cats.

Back to School Cats.
Since college started about a month ago it seems I’m a little late for a “back to school O.I. However, I say boo to norms. High school students just went back not two (or three?) weeks ago. It’s always a “back to something” week for somebody, even if it doesn’t include school. I digress.
This back-to-whatever outfit idea was built on the basis of cats after I located these beautiful Charlotte Olympia Kitty Flats in the color “suede” from Harrods. Of course, not everyone can afford a $735 pair of flats, even if they are mind-crushingly adorable. Luckily, Pacsun has a great knockoff pair for only $30. They’re also available on 2B for even less than that, although they’re only available in black and leopard print. Since when has that ever been a bad thing, though?

Guess who the wind dragged in?

After being away for longer than what would be considered a “short break”, I’ve popped back in to inform everybody that I am indeed alive. Better yet, I intend to start blogging again! Stay tuned for a couple new posts about not only what’s been going on in my life since I fell off the face of the internet, but also changes that can be expected to take place soon to this very blog! I promise, you’re all going to adore the new Pixie.

Tah-tah for now!

– Pixie