My concerns about university.

And I sure have a lot of them.

The first is pretty simple: worrying about graduating.
While I’m only a freshman, at this point, I’m two weeks away from the end of the semester. And my grades, while alright, are bordering on “C-” territory. And here’s a fun fact they don’t tell you when you’re in high school: You need at least a 2.0, or a cumulative “C” in a class, in order to get credit for it. The best part? C-‘s don’t count. That’s right. I have two C-‘s in two separate classes, and that worries me. Badly. Because essentially, my credits are relying on my final exams- and let me tell you, I’m neither a good studier, nor am I a good test-taker. So this is essentially horrifying for me.

The second is this: ABRACADABRA.
Kind of a funny reason, huh? Well, it relates to the ongoing question that many find themselves asking when they’re finally in college. You could probably guess it. It’s the infamous “What will I do/be/end up as?” I don’t know. Lots of people don’t. But I big-big don’t. Everything that interests me is either impractical, or I’m not good at. I love fashion, but I’m not a fashionista. I love film, but I’m not a director. Or a critic. Or anything that could possibly relate to film in any way. I wish I could just wave a wand and both gain skills and interest in something that I otherwise couldn’t do. But I can’t.

This whole “school” thing doesn’t seem to be going well for me at the moment, readers.

– Pixie


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