Back at school! And feeling oh-so-ok.

Hey kids! I’m back at school (where my internet is much more cooperative), and I’m ready for three more weeks of preparations for my exams before I finally get to come home for a full three weeks! While I love it here at university with the new friends I made, as well as my boyfriend, being back with my family and friends- and Ralph the ManCat- is something that I’ve been needing a lot lately. Since this is my first year at school, exams are weighing heavy on my mind and my stress levels have been really high. Your high school teachers aren’t kidding- college is hard!

And all that stress has been making me gain a little weight, which just makes me feel more stressed. I just have to keep reminding myself to breathe- weight can be lost with patience and the right lifestyle choices!

That’s all I have to say with this update. Before, I go, I just wanted to say hello to my new subscribers! Thanks for subbing, guys. Hope everyone had a safe and wonderful holiday!

– Pixie


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